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Job Market Paper

Analyzing Text Data Indexed by a Hidden Characteristic: Method and Application to the Study of Media Bias in the U.S.

    -- Presented at APSA 2020.


Securing American Elections: How Data-Driven Election Monitoring Can Improve Our Democracy (with R. Michael Alvarez, Nicholas Adams-Cohen, and Seo-young Silvia Kim). Elements in Elections and Campaigns. Cambridge University Press (2020).

Revise and Resubmit

5. Why Do Election Results Change After Election Day? The "Blue Shift" in California Elections (Lead author, with R. Michael Alvarez and Michelle Hyun). R&R at Political Research Quarterly.

    -- Link to the working paper (an earlier version) is here.

    -- Scheduled Presentation at MPSA 2021 (virtual).

Published Journal Articles

4. Voting Experiences, Perceptions of Fraud, and Voter Confidence (with R. Michael Alvarez and Jian Cao). Social Science Quarterly (forthcoming).

    -- Preprint version is available here.

    -- Replication materials: GitHub link

3. Relaxing the No Liars Assumption in List Experiment Analyses. Political Analysis (2019).

    -- Best Third Year Paper Award, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, California Institute of Technology

    -- Replication materials: PA Dataverse link

2. Paying Attention to Inattentive Survey Respondents (with R. Michael Alvarez, Lonna Rae Atkeson, and Ines Levin). Political Analysis (2019).

    -- Replication materials: PA Dataverse link, GitHub link

1. Fraud, Convenience, and e-Voting: How Voting Experience Shapes Opinions about Voting Technology (with R. Michael Alvarez and Ines Levin). Journal of Information Technology & Politics (2018).

    -- Replication materials: GitHub link

Work in Progress

2. Analyzing Changes in Sensitive Attitudes (with R. Michael Alvarez and Ines Levin).

    -- Presented at MPSA 2019.

1. Evaluating Attention Filters with Validated Political Behavior (with R. Michael Alvarez).

    -- Scheduled Presentation at MPSA 2021 (virtual).